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I'm Maie...

... and I'm so very passionate about human-led business.  I have worked as a sales executive for over 10 years and my experience in multiple industries allowed me to hone in on what's important to the bottom line of any business, and that is its people. 


A high performance team is engaged, committed and aligned with your company's mission, vision & values.


Employee turnover costs companies & large corporations millions every year.  Let's chat about how we can prevent you from losing your investment in top talent, how we can help your departments work together seamlessly, how to keep your employees engaged and happy and what systems we can implement today to motivate each team member.  We also help you create more effective leaders & leadership teams.

We can work on


Fixing your company culture & maximizing employee wellness programs


Implementing Sales Strategies that are backed with an understanding of Sales Psychology


Coaching high-achieving individuals on how to be more effective leaders

What People Say

I've worked with

I can't say enough good things about working with Maie & her team.  She is such a professional but she makes learning so much fun as if we're not working.  Do yourself a favor and learn from her.  Your teams will thank you!

Carol Hillier, Director of Administration at Mercedes-Benz Canada

We've worked with

deutche bank.png

Among many other multi-national corporations

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Yes, I also do webinars for your teams on the following topics


- Onboarding A Cultural Fit


- Behavioral Analysis 

Leadership Training

- Sales Enhancement Training

- Bridging the Gap Between Sales & Marketing

Corporate Team-Building

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We can have fun while we learn, even if it's on Zoom.